Monday, May 14, 2007

things to do for Mothers Day

a list of ten things to do for mothers day:

1.cook breakfast

2.make her a card

3.give her a BIG hug

4.tell her thanks for everything

5.let her sleep late

6.take her out to eat

7.bake her favorite dessert

8.cooklunch and/or dinner for her

9.tell her happy mothers day

10.tell her I love you!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

strict teacher vs. relaxed teacher

Here is a question and my opinion of the answer.

Q: Would you rather have a strict teacher who's fair and taught well or a teacher who was relaxed and fun but didn't teach very well?

A: I would rather have a strict teacher, because in my class at church my teacher never
disciplines the kids. The boys in my class are really wild and one of the girls always asks for snacks. We're way too big for that! It's really annoying. So, I really want a strict teacher!