Friday, September 28, 2007

the flea's question

One afternoon, while a flea as talking to an ox, working in the field, the flea curiously asked him, “Why is it, that while you are so big and strong, you serve men day after day, while I, because I am so small a creature, drink their blood and feed on their flesh?” The ox answered him, “I am well loved by strong, friendly men, who pat me on my head and shoulders all the time.” The flea unbelievingly then replied, “While you like this patting, whenever this same thing happens to me, it brings me great sorrow and destruction!”

Friday, September 21, 2007


After a while, God decided to test Abraham. He called to him saying, “Go, sacrifice your son”. So Abraham, trusting in God, faithfully got up and got everything he needed. He took his son, Isaac, and left to the place God commanded. On the way up Isaac asked his old, loving father curiously, “We have everything we need to make the offering, but where is the bull?” Abraham answered his son, “God, who knows best, will provide everything we need.”

When they got to the place God had commanded Abraham bound his son to the alter. He took up his knife and mournfully raised it, ready to strike his son. Suddenly an angel stopped him urgently saying, “Stop! Because you have obeyed, do not kill your one and only son.” Then Abraham found a ram and sacrificed him in place of his young, terrified son, Isaac, saying, “The Lord has provided.” Then the angel called to him again and said, “You have obeyed the Lord. Go and God will bless you and your family.”

Friday, September 14, 2007

Noah's Ark

After the rain had started to cease, Noah decided to open the window of the ark. He sent out a raven to see how far the water had gone down. Next he sent out a dove. The dove, finding no place to set its foot, returned back to him so he sadly knew there was no place for the dove to land. Noah waited several days before sending the dove out again. This time the dove returned with a leaf in its mouth, so Noah knew that the water was going down. He waited then eagerly sent the dove a third time and, because the water had subsided from the earth, the dove did not return to him again.

Now Noah knew the ground had to be completely dry. God told Noah it was time to leave the ark. “Take all the animals with you,” He said. So Noah faithfully obeyed. He and his family, who had been in the ark for forty days straight, went out with the animals and finally stood on dry land!

Friday, September 7, 2007

A Lunch to Remember part III

From then on, until Chuck grew up he always waited in the barn, with his brothers and sisters, for his mom bring back some food for them to eat. When he finally told his mom about the big worm, she laughed. “You chicken! That’s the water hose! So you’re the one who made the big hole in that hose. Silly boy!” But Chuck was still too scared to go outside the barn by himself. But when Chuck did go out he carefully made sure not to go where the water hose was, because he would never forget that mean, scary worm.