Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sweet 16 Surprise!

I'm pretty sure every girl dreams about her "sweet 16" and how great it's going to be. My sixteenth birthday was pretty awesome, and definitely full of surprises. My best friend stopped by my school on my birthday and dropped off a huge blown-up killer whale, with a bunch of balloons tied onto him. I got the call from the front office saying "come pick up your killer whale!" and I was like what in the world...? At the end of school I went to the front office, and sure enough, there was the whale. And trust me, it was huge! At lease six feet long, way taller than me! Now this wouldn't have been a problem, except that I get picked up wayyy on the other side of the parking lot. I had to walk across the entire parking lot carrying a huge inflatable beach toy with a dozen balloons dragging behind it. I'm pretty sure my entire high school now thinks I'm crazy. Awesome. Thanks best friend! :)

Jewelry Gift Ideas Make Perfect Mothers Day Gifts

Jewelry pieces make perfect Mothers Day gifts. There are several choices that will surely fit your budget. Jewelry is very innovative and is always accepted with joy. Moreover, you won't have problems wrapping these gifts because they are extremely easy to wrap.
There are various styles of rings. You need to know the type of metals and gems that you mom likes. You can find the ring that matches the choice of your mom. It is always a good idea to give a mother's ring to your mom if she doesn't have any, or needs a new one.
Another class of jewelry that is normally over looked is pendants. It can set any wardrobe item beautifully. When you give a uniquely designed pendant to your mom, it can surely draw attention and your mom gets the chance to be proud in telling who gave it to her. There are many, colorful designs for pendants such as wave, teardrop, swirl or heart. They are available in most jewelry stores. Pendants given with a pair of earrings is a perfect gift.
A pair of earrings is a lovely gift. When choosing the type of earring to give to your mom, you need to know that type of earrings that she wears. You can buy silver or gold earrings because they will match with other jewelry pieces. You can also add gems to them. You can buy either diamonds because it matches most combinations, or you can choose a stone that your mother likes the most. Moreover, consider the design of earring that your mother likes such as long dangling, studs or ones the cover the ear lobes. Lastly, size should also be a factor to consider. Not everyone can wear large, bold earrings.
Necklace is the most common type of jewelry gift. There is also a vast selection of necklace to choose from. There are pieces that are polished with stones and beads. Some of the well-received gifts are gold and silver chains with gem stones. There are also some jewelry shops that sell kits that allow you to make a necklace on your own. This type of gift will add value to the necklace because of your personal touch.
Bracelets make good Mothers Day gifts too. These jewelry pieces are often overlooked but are wonderful to receive. Charm bracelets are very common these days. In fact, most jewellers allow you to personalize the charms. There are various designs and patterns that will truly delight your mother. You can also choose those watches that come with bands, which are really bracelets.