Friday, August 31, 2007

A Lunch to Remember part II

Chuck, very hungry by this time, continued to peck at the worm. This worm was getting on his nerves. Chuck’s mouth was starting to hurt, because the worm’s skin was very hard. This worm was very stubborn. As Chuck continued to peck at it, the worm suddenly burst open and sprayed water everywhere! “Ahhh!” Chuck screamed. “Worms aren’t supposed to do that! I don’t like this mean worm.” Frightened, Chuck quickly ran away from the big, mean worm. He was still hungry but he didn’t care any more. He just wanted to get away from that worm!

Friday, August 24, 2007

A Lunch to Remember part I

Chuck the chick was hungry. It was past his lunchtime. It was the first time his mom had let him out of the nest to get food by himself. None of his brothers and sisters, who born at the same time as him, had been out alone yet. He was the first one. He was hungrily walking along, looking for something to eat, when he saw a huge, long worm. Perfect. “I’ve never seen a worm this big before! Do they really grow this big?” he asked himself. “Apparently so!” He started to peck at it. It didn’t move. What was wrong with it? Chuck wasn’t sure so he just kept pecking. It just laid there. “Something is weird about this worm,” he thought. “Very weird!”

Friday, August 17, 2007

What gets on your nerves?

What gets on your nerves?

Here are ten items of what really gets on your nerves:

1. classmates

2. country music

3. crying babies

4. mean teachers

5. too much homework

6. commercials

7. bad singing

8. chores

9. parents

10. siblings

Friday, August 10, 2007


Has your friend ever thrown a party and not invited you? What would you do?

If my friend threw a party and didn't invite me I would get mad at some people but not care about some parties. If it was someone I had just met I would be okay with it. If it was someone I was okay friends with I would probably just not invite them to my party. If it was one of my good friends I would be pretty mad and I would sort of talk with them about it and if they were sorry I wouldn't be very mad but if they didn't care then I would be mad and wouldn't talk to them very much. If it was my best friend I would be really mad and not invite them over for a while and probably talk to them about it.

Friday, August 3, 2007

My dog

My dog Sheba is a half lab, half chow. She is all black with a black and pink tongue. She is seven and will turn eight on her birthday, August seventh. She is learning some human language right now. She has learned “let’s go for a walk”, “time to eat”, and “you want a treat?” She jumps up and down every time she hears those words!
She used to not like any toys at all and never played with them until one day we discovered she liked toys that squeak! We found this out when our neighbor, who also has a dog, accidentally threw a squeaky toy over the fence. Sheba loved it! So we went to the store and bought her a toy that squeaked and set it out in the yard. At first she wasn’t sure it was for her. But after awhile, when she had bitten it and we didn’t get onto her for it she thought maybe, just maybe she would be able to take it. And sure enough, the next time we looked out the window, it was gone! When I went outside to see where she was I found her by the side of the house squeaking her toy and loving it so much! She looked so cute when she would lie on her back with her toy in her mouth and try and grab it with her paws. She has torn that one up by now and has a brand new one which has four places to squeak it! The squeakier the better in her mind!