Sunday, October 9, 2011

The News

"Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas

It’s getting hard to even turn on the news channel because all you ever hear is extremely devastating news. In my opinion ignorance is turning into bliss because it was getting to the point were I couldn’t sleep at night because of all the negative images going through my head. For the most part I stick to watching sports and comedies because they always seem to help me relax and brighten up my day because there is no negative images. I should probably just embrace the fact that this world is a messed up place and choose to be informed over hiding my head in a pillow but I feel like sometimes it’s just better not knowing. Husband always tells me that it’s our civic duty to be informed with the current events of the day but I haven’t always agreed with everything he’s said. All my girlfriends seem to feel the same way, one of them even gave me some greats on how to be informed and not have to watch all the images flash across the screen she also referred me to DIRECT TV which I was also very thankful for."

My first AP class

This year I am taking my first AP class in high school. I knew when I signed up for it that it would be hard and take a lot of work, but it really is A LOT OF WORK!! I have to read about 20 pages of my textbook every night, and take notes on it. And the textbook is not just a normal textbook. It is an actual college textbook AKA tiny print and very few pictures. And the tests are killers!!! I have never had to study very hard for any test, and I have always made good test grades. This class is very different though. I have to start hard-core studying a week in advance and even then I only make a high C or a B. Just taking one college level course sure is making me glad that I still have two and a half years of high school left! College is still a loonnngg time away! :)